Google Glass Release Date and Price: Google Glass is Coming in 2014

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Google posted a video of its upcoming Google Glass wearable headset, providing a more realistic look at the device’s user interface — according to The Verge.

Though Google announced its product last year, the new video provides “substantially more detail” about the headset’s functionality, and a more accurate depiction of how it will actually look.

Google Glass will allow users “to receive and execute onscreen directions, send voice-controlled messages, and search the web through speech.” The UI also includes voice-controlled photos, and suggests that the device will offer onscreen translation support.

Google hopes to launch Glass by early 2014, though the company is already pushing out developer editions, priced at $1,500. A consumer version will be available by the end of 2013 for under $1,500.

“It’s certainly early days of the device — there will be bumps,” a Google spokesperson told The Verge. “But what’s cool is that we’re approaching the time when people will be able to take Glass out into the world and start exploring what’s possible with a device like this.”



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Picha: Jamie Foxx kuigiza adui (villain) kwenye The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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foxxxJamieFoxxseenspookycostumesetAmazingjtGiLptqEF9lJamieFoxxseenspookycostumesetAmazingAdgL3npCnNSlarticle-2309758-195194F6000005DC-380_634x790_zpsa3ad98b5Picha: Jamie Foxx kuigiza adui (villain) kwenye The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Kama wewe ni shabiki wa Jimie Fox,tegemea kumuona akicheza adui,tena wa kutisha kwenye the amazing Spider Man 2.

airtel yatosha

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airtel yatosha

Wasiliana ndani na nje ya mtandao kwa bei moja poa

vya siku Dakika* SMS Intaneti
Tosha *349 10 100 25 MB
Tosha *499 25 200 75 MB
Tosha *749 30 bila kikomo 250 MB
Tosha *999 40 bila kikomo 400 MB

vya wiki Dakika* SMS Intaneti
Tosha *1,999 70 700 175 MB
Tosha *2,999 175 1,400 500 MB
Tosha *4,499 210 bila kikomo 1.5 GB
Tosha *5,999 275 bila kikomo 3 GB

*Dakika kupigia mitandao yote

Piga *149*99#

Kwa maelezo zaidi piga 100

Hackers Trailer

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Well, they need to combine it and show how computer security has improved over the years, and include old school and new school. It wouldn’t have the 90s vibe, but it could still be done