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New iPhone 7 Fights Galaxy S7 As Emotion Defeats Power

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Apple’s iPhone 7 will be revealed later this week, and it’s ready to take on Samsung’s Galaxy S7 family. According to data from iQuanti, search engine traffic for the iPhone 7 is substantially ahead of the volume for the Galaxy S7 in the run up to Samsung’s event earlier this year. Dig deeper into the data and you can see how Apple has claimed victory… it has targeted emotions, not specifications.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (image: Ewan Spence)

As the search terms reflect the biggest interests, one of the smallest touches that the geekerati will likely gloss over is cosmetic. After the pure ‘iPhone 7′ term, up next is ‘iPhone 7 Color’. The availability of the iPhone 7 in a new colour (likely to be a choice of black finishes, rather than deep blue predicted earlier this year) will have no impact at all on the performance, the functionality, or the capability of the new handsets, but has obviously captured the public’s attention.

I wonder if Apple has enough of the new color in the supply chain, or if there’s going to be a useful ‘sold out’ flag going up against the colorful model just after pre-orders open on this Friday?

With the appearance of a dual-lens camera expected, finding out more about the optics is second on the list with ‘iPhone 7 Camera’. Although direct and close comparisons of images from the competition put the iPhone further down the quality ratings than Cupertino would like, it still outshoots every low- and mid-range handset on the market.

Lurking in third is a term that illustrates a danger for Apple. The people searching for ‘iPhone 7 Wireless Charging’ are likely gong to be disappointed with the lack of charging options on new handsets. In fact anyone looking for new technology may struggle with this iteration of the iOS-powered smartphone with much of Apple’s innovation being held back for the iPhone 8 in 2017.

The rest of the list highlighted a hunger for information about the battery (likely providing the same endurance as the iPhone 6S), the display and screen sizes (again no change from last year’s model) and the iPhone 7 design (yes, you’ve guessed it, no change).


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