Dear Entrepreneur, You Deserve a Vacation

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With all the time away from the office to relax and unwind, you’ll finally find the time to let your mind wander, explore, and be creative once more.

 Dear Entrepreneur,

You work hard and sacrifice much to bring your ideas to life. Surely you, of all the hard-working people, deserve a little time off. I can see you now, toes in the sand, drink in hand, swinging in a hammock by the sea, reading an iPad on how the local economy of this faraway place is being boosted by a new type of industry. And you think to yourself, “How can I take advantage of this opportunity?”

Wait, wait, wait. You’re on vacation. You’re supposed to be having fun, relaxing and doing new things. Yet, everywhere you turn, you diagnose the business model and assess the market conditions. You simply can’t help but to ask if there is some hidden, undiscovered opportunity lurking in this corner of the world you’ve found yourself in.

Did you already forget about your business, or should I say businesses, back home? Of course you did…er, I mean, you already checked your email three times today and everything is fine. Now back to relaxing with a fresh, new perspective and inspiration for a new product line. How else can you live up to your ideal of writing off this vacation as a business trip?

Perhaps tonight, over drinks before dinner, you’ll strike up a conversation with some stranger and discover his cousin’s best friend’s father-in-law is your ideal client and you two should meet. There. Now you’ve had a business conversation and can write off that meal. Let’s get back to relaxing and forgetting about all the work.

Tomorrow, when you’re snorkeling and are completely amazed at all the fish, try not to wonder how you could bring that exact experience to an iPad app. Do your best to not talk your spouse into starting a boat charter company so you can spend more time snorkeling next year. Certainly, above all else, be sure to leave your business cards back in the hotel so you’re not tempted to hand them out.

You see, dear entrepreneur, vacation is not so bad. With all the time away from the office to relax and unwind, you’ll finally find the time to let your mind wander, explore, and be creative once more. For it is within this creativity that you’ll find your true spirit and inspiration to be the best little entrepreneur when you get home. I’m sure your team can’t wait to hear about the five new product lines you’re planning for them to build as fast as possible.


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