Dr Masika elected WFCP Deputy Chair

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Dr Richard Masika.
Dr Richard Masika.

THE Principal of Arusha Technical College (ATC), Dr Richard Masika, has been elected Deputy Chair Africa for the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP).

A press release issued by ATC in Arusha said that Dr Masika shall represent the interests of Africa on the board and liaise between the Board and the members of his region, to ensure that Africa’s voice is heard to influence the Federation’s decision-making.

The association is the strong united voice of an international network of  colleges, polytechnics and university colleges around the world and membership reaches all corners of the globe.

It covers 6 continents and over 60 countries, with a membership of 30 plus membership organizations, colleges, polytechnics and various other professional and technical education and training institutions.

“The Deputy Chairs play a significant role in ensuring federation news is communicated to his/her regional members and preside over meetings if the Board Chair is unable to attend”, said the release in part.

Dr Masika shall be one of the four deputy Chairs for the Federation’s board, in addition to the Board Chair. There are 11 members who comprise the Board, representing membership organizations, colleges and federal institutes around the world, including CAPA, AACC (USA) and CEAIE (China), amongst others.

Board members come from Australia, Basque Country, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Portugal, Tanzania, UK, and the United states.

The Federation offers colleges and polytechnics multiple opportunities to connect with the global network. The most popular is the bi-annual Congress that sees members gather to share best practices, learn from global professional and technical education and training institutions, and network with their education colleagues.

At the 2014 Congress in Beijing, China, the Federation signed its first unanimous declaration, The Beijing Declaration: Building a Better Future.

The Declaration cemented the Federation’s belief that professional and technical education and training develops communities and prepares students for the workforce.

It goes on to speak to members’ commitments in higher education, including access to those who are vulnerable and ensuring academic quality is relevant and sound.

The Federation has also launched seven affinity groups on a variety of topics, including student support services and entrepreneurship, which colleges and polytechnics are encouraged to join.

The Affinity Groups offer a space for members to collaborate on best practices, share knowledge of their unique systems, discuss how best to integrate the learning at a practical level so students benefit and network with their international peers.


One thought on “Dr Masika elected WFCP Deputy Chair

    Luqman said:
    June 10, 2015 at 12:27

    congratulation Dr masika

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