Google may announce new photo-sharing service at I/O 2015

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Google may announce new photo-sharing service at I/O 2015
 Google will reportedly unveil a new online photo-sharing service which will not be a part of the Google+ network. The new service will allow users to post images to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The new tool is most likely to be unveiled during Google I/O developers’ conference later this month. This news doesn’t come as a surprise as an earlier report had pointed out that Google+ was to split into Photos and Streams.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the new tool will be a service only for photos. Google is always seeking new ways to fight off competitors. With this new tool, Google will have compete with its rival, Facebook. In 2012, Facebook had acquired mobile photo-sharing service Instagram that has brought the ‘business independence within the company’.

Apart from a new standalone photo service by Google, the company is also expected to unveil some new features. A few of them include Android for Work, along with a new Android OS, dubbed Android M for now and new voice commands to access Android devices, only with your voice. Google had bought satellite imaging company Skybox for around $500 million last year and the announcements are speculated to be around real-time satellite imaging. At the same event, Google will make more announcements around Chromecast as well.

Google is also expected to announce Cloud Messaging 3.0, a new version of its push messaging platform. One can also expect some more on Polymer 1.0, Google’s UI toolkit at making websites that offer an app feel. Google’s Advanced Technologies and Products group may showcase a wearable at the show too. Google is also known to be testing tools to woo developers, and we could possibly hear more on it at the show.


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