Google apologises for racist ‘n*gga house’ search that takes users to White House

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 ‘Nigger house’ and ‘nigger king’ searches both took users to home of Barack Obama

Google has apologised for offence caused by vandalism of its Maps tools that meant that users searching for racist terms were sent White House.

In what appeared to be a result of Google bombing — where vandals flood a certain keyword with links to a place, meaning that the two will become associated in Google’s results — users forced searches for “nigger house” and “nigger king” to redirect to the White House.

The company said that it apologised for “any offence this may have caused”. Its teams are working to fix the problem, it said, and Google itself does not appear to have had any role in adding the racist searches.

Google’s mapping tools pick through the huge amounts of search data that it has to help ensure that results are up to date. But by intentionally confusing that system, users can add their own results.Apple Watch - orders set to begin

The racist results were just the latest in a run of pranks and vandalism that have hit Google’s user generated mapping system. Earlier this month, the company had to shut it off its Map Maker system, which allowed users to edit its database, after someone used it to draw a giant urinating Android.


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