Video Directors are required to be careful with their work …

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Video Directors are expected to be sensitive to their work, to make sure what they are doing is wrong, this is due to the director no attention up to the point of mistaking his name.
See these two videos that are directed by a director .. Brand new single by Khadija Kopa Ft Diamond Platnumz
titled “Nasema Nawe”

and Jux – Nikuite Nani..

then look at the names ‘or has changed name’? is a question I ask myself ..

Desktop copy     Due to the quality of his works director who is coming faster and more energetic in the country “HANSCANA” director that he likes his job so grossly named or are not being careful?

This is a challenge to the other Directors as NISEHER, ADAM JUMA many in this Industry with others music in the country.
Artists will also be carefully review their work before they have not been in public, to insure that each hosted affections should be appropriate to the public and reach an audience of all ages whether young children to the elderly.

This should be preventive from these mistakes today has mistaken his name tomorrow will mistake the content of songs later be a problem for the artist.
Director was wrong to write and wrote insulting shame that not a director again it would be a shame to the artist, so to come down and lose career he has in society has around him, losing one fan to artist fan shall say to 97% of other fans that remove the trust for the fans.


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