Microsoft partners Lenovo, Xiaomi to develop Windows 10 phones

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The US multinational announced an initiative to deepen cooperation with China’s leading hardware and software makers to promote Windows 10 on computers, tablets and smartphones, during a two-day conference in the southern city of Shenzhen, Xinhua news agency reported.

Windows 10 is slated for launch sometime this summer.

Microsoft partners Lenovo, Xiaomi to develop Windows 10 phones

As part of its initiative, Lenovo and Xiaomi will get to test the upcoming Windows 10 OS on their mobile devices.

Lenovo, one of China’s largest smartphone makers and the parent company of Motorola Mobility, will launch Windows-based smartphones this summer, Tong Fuyao, general manager of Lenovo China, said.

A separate statement from Microsoft on Wednesday said the Lenovo phone will be a contract device with China Mobile, the country’s largest telecom operator.

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, now the third largest in the world, will provide feedback to Microsoft based on a test run of the operating system on Xiaomi’s flagship smartphone Mi4 later this year.

Windows Phone accounts for a meager 0.4 per cent market share in China in the 12 months ending September last year, compared with more than 90 per cent share between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, according to consultancy Kantar Research.

Microsoft’s push to expand also faces challenges from Chinese players. NASDAQ-listed Alibaba announced in February an investment in smartphone maker Meizu to promote its own mobile operating system Yun OS.


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