Ciara’s En Pointe in New Video, ‘I Bet’

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Singer shows off her post-baby and -breakup ballerina moves for the lead single off Jackie.

 After releasing the song, “I Bet” in the middle of January, Ciara has finally followed that up with a soft, Hannah Lux Davis-directed, beautiful and very vulnerable visual.

Although the lyrics of the song talk about a love that’s come and gone leaving her broken-hearted, the video represents what it truly means to be resilient and that she is now standing on her own two feet.


Showing off her post-baby body in several different outfits including a white leotard and legwarmers, an all black, flowy gown and a blush pink two-piece with pointe shoes mirroring the Black ballerina in a music box seen at the beginning of the video, Cici is out to reclaim her crown in the pop-n-b world through music and dance.

This Harmony Samuels-produced song will be on Ciara’s sixth studio album, Jackie due out later this spring.


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