Half Life 3 Coming To Android And iOS?

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The game Half Life 3 can be considered one of the most hype up the game right now, but despite all the speculation, the fans still can’t seem to get any closer to solving the puzzle of when Valve will be releasing the game.

Valve was at the GDC recently to announce their new hardwares, the Steam Machine, and also the new VR headset. They were also there to announce the new Source 2 engine and because of that, the fans think that Valve will finally start focusing on the game Half Life 2.

There have also been speculations hat Valve might be thinking about releasing the game Half Life 3 on their Steam Machine first before releasing it for the other platforms like Playstation, Xbox and PC.

HTC, the company that is currently working with Valve on the VR headset also hinted that Valv might be porting the game to the Android and iOS platform as well, although we don’t expect them to port the whole game over but a sort of Half Life Mini game and additional Half Life content.


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