YouTube Trying Again With Subscription Service

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YouTube is reportedly preparing another subscription service.

Google is preparing to launch a YouTube subscription service following the launch of the music streaming service, YouTube Music Key.
It’s the second time YouTube has tried to add paid subscription onto video streaming. The previous attempt offered paid channels from $0.99 to $5.99 per channel.

This didn’t work, due to the lack of adoption by large channels. It left a few paid channels with almost no subscriptions and incapable of making adequate revenue.
YouTube will offer one payment for the removal of ads this time, giving users an option instead of using AdBlock services. It’s unknown how much this will cost per month.
The news was revealed by head of content Robert Kyncl, who said the team was “fine tuning” the service that will be available for all users.
Channels will receive a small portion of revenue if the user is subscribed. But the exact number per view has not been calculated. We expect it to be similar to Spotify’s own ad/subscription split.
It would be a smart time for YouTube to employ video blocking for anyone using AdBlock, forcing users to either subscribe to the service or accept advertisements.
AdBlock Plus does allow users to turn off the service for a specific channel or site. This might also be an option YouTube employs to bump up ad rates.


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