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Microsoft Purchases Calendar App, Sunrise, for Over $100 Million

Software and tech companies are constantly purchasing smart apps created to make our lives easier, and Microsoft has reportedly purchased Sunrise, a calendar app, for over $100 million. While not commenting on the purchase for the time being, a lot of tech critics feel that Microsoft has done this in a move to reinvent the brand, as it fits with their new philosophy. Sunrise presents an app that works much in the way a Microsoft created product would, so acquiring ensures that they corner the market and have a strong product to offer.

Sunrise is able to take calendars from all brands and combine them, so users can keep track of their schedule without having worrying about multiple sources. This can be done on mobile or desktop devices, making it versatile and the smartest option.

Users of the brand like that they can use the app with both Microsoft, Apple and Google products, eliminating the need for them to use and remain loyal to just one brand, so with the Microsoft acquisition, it has the ability to remove these other brands or control the way in which consumers use them.

It is unclear whether the Sunrise app will be allowed to exist, exist as is or be changed to just feature Microsoft products.


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