First screenshots of Windows 10 for phones leak

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Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella speaks at a Microsoft Windows press event at company headquarters in Redmond, Wash., on Jan. 21.
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Microsoft is planning to release its Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones at some point this month, but early screenshots have already leaked. Twitter user s1z33 has posted three screenshots showing off the new mobile operating system.

The first screenshot claims to show the Update screen, along with a version number of 8.15.12493.42 and the quote “Every setback has a major comeback” from Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Earlier this week, select testers started to get build 8.15.12492.41 on their phones, and that’s when news of this quote first surfaced, adding credibility to today’s leak.


The second image shows off the Action Center, which apparently has three rows of toggles. The last screenshot depicts the new design for the Settings app, featuring images and descriptions beside each section.

In short, this leak is only showing us how Windows 10 users will be able to adjust their phone’s settings. That’s quite a tease, and frankly good news for Microsoft: At least for now, we still don’t have a proper look at the homescreen or other main components of Windows 10 for phones.

While these three new screenshots don’t show anything drastically new, they do confirm that a lucky few are using Windows 10 for phones outside of Microsoft. This also shows that the preview is almost ready for prime time: we’re likely to get a build very close to the ones that we’re hearing about via leaks like this one.

As for the quote, Wilson was of course referring to his team’s Super Bowl loss to the Patriots. Microsoft’s use of it suggests the company wants Windows Phone users to stick by its latest attempt to get a solid mobile operating system out the door.

In addition to the official preview of Windows 10 for phones, Microsoft will also be launching the phone version of Office for Windows 10 in the next few weeks. Windows Phone owners have a lot to look forward to in 2015.


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