68 New York Women Compete For Title Of ‘Best Behind’

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The Effiel Tower is shown on the back of hip hop artist Nicki Minaj’s pants during the NBA All-Star game in Orlando, Florida, February 26, 2012. 

It is an irony of sorts that a contest to find the New York woman with the biggest buttocks would be used as a model for a cosmetic surgeon, while contest rules specify the contestants’ behind must be all-natural, no surgically enhanced ones allowed.

The organiser of the contest is celebrity cosmetic surgeon Dr Michael Jones, who owns Lexington Plastic Surgeons.

Besides the modeling contract at Drift Studio, the winner will receive $2,000 cash prize.

The New York Post reports that 68 women signed up. The contestants included Washington Heights model and dancer Brenda Monks, personal trainer Chelsea Simone and pre-school teacher from Queens Tammy Chrisphonte.

At the Saturday casting call, the aspirants for the title were asked why their behinds are their source of pride.

Twenty-year-old Darby Puckett from Virginia attributes her voluptuous backside to gymnastics and eating chicken biscuits from Hardee as well as the southern diet that gave her enough body fat in her booty.

At the end of the day, the finalists were whittled to 13 who would be crowned by the end of January.

The female reality star whose butt shot was the cover of Paper Magazine in November, which broke the Internet, didn’t join the contest.

Many females would consider the contestants lucky women for being blessed by nature with curvaceous derriere. For those lacking in that area, one alternative is the butt-enhancement procedure which would cost them $10,000 when done by a licenced cosmetic surgeon.

Despite the cost, buttock enhancement procedures in the US went up 58 percent in 2014, while 63,000 butt augmentation procedures were performed in Brazil in 2013, five times the number done in the US.


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