10 unique iOS apps that Android users can’t enjoy

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The battle of the major OSes doesn’t seem to end. While Android occupies a gigantic market share in terms of the number of smartphones running its platform, Apple is said to make the most money out of its apps. Also, as both operating systems improve with every iteration, they also come closer to bringing the same privileges to the end user.
While both Android and iOS have abundant apps to offer in their respective app stores, there are plenty that are still exclusive to each platform. Here’s a look at 10 unique iOS apps that Android users can only dream of.
1. Hyperlapse from Instagram
Hyperlapse from Instagram lets iOS users create professional-looking time lapse videos from an iPhone or iPad. You can share your creations on Instagram and Facebook directly from the app, while you can share it on YouTube, Vimeo or email from the Camera Roll. Too bad for Android users, Hyperlapse currently available for free only for iOS devices
2. Hanx Writer
TomHanks HanxWriter
Hanx Writer is a typewriting app by none other than Hollywood star Tom Hanks. Hanx Writer, which brings the typewriting style to modern on-screen keyboards, lets you email, print and share personalised documents using an iPad.
3. Code School
code school
Code School is an educational app that teaches various programming languages using fun, interactive visual elements. Students earn badges for successful completion of courses and there’s a Code TV area gives that gives them access to a collection of study material in the form of videos. Students can download videos and watch them on the go.
4. Alien Blue
Alien Blue Reddit
Though there are several third-party Reddit apps available on Android, Reddit’s official client is available only to iOS users by the name Alien Blue. Reddit is a popular entertainment website and the official app lets users browse the full website, upvote comments, subscribe to their favourite communities and upload images. As a plus, the app also has a special night-mode that lets iOS users read in the dark.
5. Facebook Rooms
facebook rooms
Available only to iOS users in the US and UK, Facebook’s Rooms app lets people create virtual “rooms” to chat about whatever they wish using a pseudo name. The application puts a smartphone spin on chat forums that were popular during early Internet days.
6. Adobe Photoshop Sketch
Adobe offers its complete CC range of apps exclusively for iPad users, including the Photoshop Sketch. The app lets iPad users create beautiful drawings and provides unlimited creative options using Adobe’s Brush CC and other drawing tools. It’s also integrated with Behance, where artists can showcase their creations.
7. LinkedIn Job Search
iOS users get to enjoy a standalone job-search app by the provider of the world’s largest professional social network – LinkedIn. Job Search is LinkedIn’s dedicated app for those looking for a new job. The app guarantees complete privacy so that your contacts don’t know a thing about your job-switch plans, along with location-based search results to find out which job opportunities are available in your area.
8. Microsoft Snipp3t
Microsoft SNIPP3T
Snipp3t (pronounced as “snippet”) is an app that lets you follow and track your favourite celebrities by aggregating celebrity news across the web. You also get to like and comment on the news stories and create a social network to discuss your favourite celebrities with other fans.
9. MailMag
MailMag is a unique, magazine-style email app only available on the Apple App store. It pulls all emails with attachments into one place, which makes it easier to search for emails containing movie or flight booking tickets, documents and photos. You can create filters, or ‘Magazines’, to filter emails from a particular contact, which is quite rare among smartphone email apps. You can personalise your magazines by selecting custom covers.
10. Videolicious

Videolicious lets you quickly combine together snippets of video clips, photos, music and more to create a single professional-quality video. The app is considered useful for journalists, educators and students as it lets them weave together several pieces of video into one. It lets you add filters and post them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
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