Mozilla releases Firefox 34 with Yahoo as its default search engine.

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CALIFORNIA – Mozilla announced the next version of Firefox today – Firefox 34. In this new update, the company has broke up it’s long term relationship with Google as its default search engine.

Mozilla has replaced the default Google search engine with Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO) in the update and will be keeping the same in all future updates. However, users can still switch back to Google from browser settings.
Usually browser updates go unnoticed, but today’s Firefox update got the attention because of altering the default search engine experience.
In addition to this, with Firefox 34, Mozilla’s WebRTC powered chat tool – Firefox Hello has moved out of the beta channel into a mainstream release. With this service you can perform audio and video chats with other Firefox users right from the browser.
In case if you don’t see Firefox Hello in your updated browser, then you need to wait as the company has rate limited access to the service in order to prevent system from getting overloaded. Only 10 percent of Firefox users are currently using it.
Other things featured in the version 34 are improved search bar for users in the U.S. and the launch of WebIDE in the stable release channel. SSL 3.0, which has a number of known security issues, has been cut from this release.

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