TI to colour Serengeti fiesta final

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RENOWNED American Hip-Hop artist Clifford Joseph Harris, alias TI, will colour the Serengeti Fiesta grand finale in Dar es Salaam on October 18.

TI who has won Grammy awards three times, is well recognized by million of music fans in the world due to his hit songs like ‘No Mediocre’, ‘No Mercy’ and ‘Trap Music’.

Serengeti Breweries Limited is the company behind TI’s trip to Dar es Salaam and they confirmed his arrival.

SBL Marketing Manager, Allan Chonjo, told reporters they already sealed a deal with the American star. “We’ve already signed a contract with TI and he will be in Dar es Salaam next month,” he said.

Chonjo thanked their partners Prime Time Promotions for the cooperation in bringing the musician to Tanzania. Speaking on behalf of Prime Time Promotions Company, Ruge Mutahaba said they know what Tanzanians want in entertainment and they have given them their need.

“For several years, we have been working hard to ensure that our society gets what it desires through entertainment and we assure music fans that TI’s show will be quite different,” he said.

TI rose to fame in 2003 after he collaborated with his fellow musician Bone Crusher in his song ‘Never Scared’. His sixth album released in 2008 dubbed ‘Paper Trail’ transferred his life as 568,000 copies were sold in America only in its first week.

Other heats from T.I. are ‘Bring Em Out’, ‘What You Know’, ‘Swagga Like Us’, ‘Dead and Gone’ and ‘Ball’ in which he featured Lil Wayne. Serengeti Fiesta has ready been held in to ten regions and is expected to continue in Singida, Dodoma, Mbeya, Songea and Mtwara before reaching its climax in Dar es Salaam.


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