Chris Brown’s ‘Eat-Da-Booty!’ Picture, Shots From 2010 Video; Is The Actor Seeking Media Attention?

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Brown performing at KISS 106.1 Seattle Jingle Bell Bash 8, December 4, 2005
(Photo : Wikipedia)
Chris Brown’s ‘Eat-Da-Booty!’ picture graced the netizen’s weekend. The posted a bizarre picture of him licking a woman’s booty on Friday in Instagram which he titles “Eat da booty” with a hashtag “#idgt” which stands for “I don’t get tired”, words said to be originally from rapper Kevin Gates’. The picture draws mixed reactions from Twitter users saying it is “disgusting”, “gross”. Some are making fun of it saying “Everybody wants to lick Rihanna’s butt

The picture is said to mock Kevin Gates sensational “eat-da-booty” statement on Instagram last June aimed at his Atlanta followers. However, on a Revolt TV show, Gates clarified that the expression does not apply to all girls he slept with but only for those women whom he loved and felt intimately connected with.

“I don’t talk about that to be nasty, to be explicit.. It’s art,” he further said.

Media was waiting for Kevin Gates reaction but did not receive any.

Reportedly, Brown deleted the picture minutes after posting in Instagram. However, his followers are quick to save a copy of his picture and posted it in their accounts.

Closer examinations of the picture, later on, revealed that it is actually a still shot of Brown’s 2010 F.A.M.E single “No Bullsh*t”. The video has been there for a while and has garnered over 10 million views on YouTube but who would focus and remember the butt-licking scene, anyway!

Most viewers’ initial reaction is to ask who that woman is in the picture.  But since it dates back to 2010, it could not be the 25-year old model Karrueche Tran, Brown’s recent girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Tran’s friend Anara Atanes, spoke about the couple’s on-and-off relationship saying that Brown and Tran will surely get back together. Atanes’ move to speak up was done to erase media speculations that she’s dating Chris Brown.


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