App that Exposes Cheating Partners

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1405799527971_Image_galleryImage_mCouplelogo_jpgDo you have a doubt that your partner may be having an extramarital affair? You can now use this app to track each and every detail of your partner’s digital life.The app, known as ‘mCouple’, which was developed by mSpy, a London-based firm, may be downloaded strictly after consent by the partner.

The app will then give to free access to every call, e-mail and text of your partner.

It will also show you any activity that takes place on Facebook and Skype, as well as the pictures and videos that are taken or shared using your partner’s smartphone.

The partner’s mobile phone conversations can also be recorded by the user, and their movements may be tracked using GPS technology.

The firm is presently targeting parents who wish to keep a watch over their children or offices that wish to monitor their employees.

The developers said, however, that the app may also be used to expose love cheats as well.



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