Tanzania: Kili Music Tour Rock Moshi Town

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THE first concert of the Kili Music Tour involving more than ten local artistes lived up to the hype, with more than 10,000 revellers showing up for the show staged at the Moshi University College for Cooperatives and Business Studies.

The artistes on the line up did not disappoint and the organizers too were on point as the show started and ended on time as per schedule leaving all Moshi residents satisfied and with a story to tell.

The tour, which is sponsored by Kilimanjaro Premium Lager, is not in any way a treat for winners of the just ended Kili Music Awards but rather involving various artistes so they can market their work to the people at the grass roots.

The tour will involve 10 other regions in the coming weeks and is coordinated by EATV, East Africa Radio, Executive Solutions, Integrated Communications and AIM Group. The Moshi show, which was special in its own way, lasted for eight electrifying hours that created a good partying mood for local residents and the tempo was high from the start to the end.

First on stage were the reggae group Warriors from the East who took Moshi residents by storm and later on upcoming artiste, Young Killer jumped on the stage and ensured his audience was dancing to his rhymes and singing along as well.

Professor J, a renowned hip hop star, did not disappoint as he set the tempo even higher during his performance that lasted almost 40 minutes. Mwana FA and AY gave Moshi residents a good surprise when AY suddenly appeared on stage and caused a lot of excitement among the revellers who enjoyed the duo’s performance.

Speaking after their performances, Mwana FA, Professor J and Kala Jeremiah said the reception at Moshi was overwhelming and that there is nothing satisfactory to an artiste like the crowd responding in such a way as the Moshi residents did.

They set the mood right from the start to the end. The Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Brand Manager, George Kavishe, who also attended the event, said last year Moshi set a record due to a huge turnout and that this year they did not also disappoint and added that they showed a lot of patriotism to the artistes as all the artistes were applauded in a special way.

“Moshi has set a good precedence and we hope other regions will follow suit so that the objective of taking the artistes to the regions is met… .we must be able to accept them locally before they are accepted outside and Kilimanjaro Premium Lager will always be on the frontline in taking Tanzania’s music to greater heights,” he said.

After Moshi, the tour heads to Mwanza May 31, Kahama June 7, Kigoma June 14, Iringa June 21, Mbeya August 9, Dodoma August 16, Tanga August 23, Mtwara August 30 and Dar es Salaam September 6.


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