Who the hell is Solange

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                        Solange  Knowles       Photo: Courtesy


A peculiar story emerged, amidst everything else that was trending in the headline local news. Celebrated, mega rich, US rapper Jay Z was the subject of domestic beef.

A woman named Solange tried to rough him up in front of his wife and everyone wanted to know what he did to tick her off.

Jay Z and his superstar wife Beyonce are regular frontline celebrity news staples.  Surprisingly, I had never heard of Solange Knowles, whose claim to fame is being Beyonce’s younger sister.

The name seemed suited to a liniment brand “with natural herbal ingredients that provide quick penetrating heat and safe and effective relief for muscle and joint pain”.

The elevator scuffle generated a lot of news and was covered widely by an array of American Internet sites.

I am always fascinated by US celebrity obsession and the energy dedicated to track every minute detail of their lives. The fame they enjoy is less about their accomplishments and successes but more about exposure.

Hanging around famous people is also a valid claim to fame.  Children who grow up consuming and internalizing this stream of celebrity trivia will end up turning nobodies like Solange into golden calves worthy of reverence. That is sad.

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