Google and Apple end litigation

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[JURIST] In a joint motion to dismiss [text], Apple and Google [corporate websites] agreed Friday to end all mobile technology patent litigation between Apple and Motorola. Furthermore, each company agreed to bear its own expenses after the dismissal is final at the district court level. This comes as a surprise, as the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit [official website] renewed [JURIST report] the patent infringement claims of Apple against the Google Motorola Company in late April. The patent infringement cross-claims were originally dismissed [JURIST report] in 2012 for lack of evidence by Judge Richard Posner of the US District Court for the District of Northern Illinois [official website]. Since that decision, Google announced [Investor Relations report] that it intends to sell the handset portion of the Motorola Company to Lenovo. The effect of that decision on the choice to end litigation is not yet known and neither company has commented publicly.

JURIST guest columnists Rodney R. Sweetland, III and Michael G. McManus detailed [JURIST op-ed] the history of the protracted legal battle between Apple and Google, including other disputes not addressed by the federal circuit’s ruling. In January the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled [JURIST report] that Apple had not infringed any of Google’s patents in the creation of the iPhone. In August the International Trade Commission (ITC) [official website] revived [JURIST report] Apple’s patent claims against Google. Last May the European Commission [official website] stated it would investigate Motorola for abusing its market position in Germany by pursuing injunction against Apple.


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