” Jay Z was attacked by Solange because he Grabbed Another Woman’s Azz Behind Beyonce’s Back” – Wendy Williams

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Wendy Williams gave her take on hot topics and she was all supporting Solange.She feels the woman Solange had an argument with at the party was

having an affair with Jay Z.Several reports have it that Solange was arguing with Racheal Roy and Beyonce even stepped in to calm it down.Wendy feels Solange caught him flirting with Racheal (above) and in annoyance she warned Racheal and exchanged words, then as soon as they got in the elevator, she attacked Jay Z .That explains why Beyonce was just standing ..

Solange got into an argument with fashion designer Racheal Roy.Now Rachel used to be an intern at Rocawear back in the days .Now look.back in the day those offices were Damon Dash and Jayz.There were pretty girls and models then and it was alleged that Damon and Jayz would pass girls around up there. Racheal,were you one of those girls?“Jay probably did some stupid, slick man mess while walking with his wife(demonstrates by tapping her producer’s butt to back claims he probably did something like squeeze Racheal’s butt while holding and ignorant Beyonce)….

…She(Solange) probably went to his face and told him something like”You’re not going to do that with my sister right here..So as they walked out of the party and as soon as the elevator shut,she had him beat down.


In my mind, Beyoncé didn’t get in the middle because Solange is probably attacking him over something that he knows he was dead wrong about. Therefore, sister didn’t get in the middle.
“Beyoncé and the security guard were standing there like this is nothing new between Solange and Jay-Z. It didn’t look like something new otherwise wouldn’t you have jumped in the way and stopped it if you were BeyoncéYou can ride with what ever theory you like but I’m sticking with the Wendy theory ” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGAp1XuSOlM


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