Twitter introduces new security feature via SMS

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Social networking site Twitter on Thursday introduced a new feature that should avoid hacking and other forms of stealing on its network. The micro-blogging slash social network based in San Francisco, California has unveiled a new way to reset password for Twitter accounts — via SMS or text message using a mobile phone.

Similar to Facebook’s, Twitter allows the new reset feature by linking your phone number to your account. Users are required to log in to their account and edit the settings. There, users can associate their mobile phones with Twitter, and after submitting the phone number, the service will send a computer-generated SMS as notification.

To request a password reset with the phone number linked to the account, users will only visit the log in page and click the forgot password link located on the page. Twitter’s e-mail notification for resetting password is still available, and arguably the most popular as of today.

The new feature not only add security on accounts, but it will also give Twitter some data to analyze Twitter login attempts. As mentioned by the company’s article post, Twitter’s security team with their high-tech systems will now “looking at things like location, device being used and login history — and identifies suspicious behavior” on logins, and implement actions if needed, or if they think the account has been compromised.


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