Nokia and NTT Docomo to jointly research 5G technologies

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Nokia and NTT Docomo to jointly research 5G technologies

Nokia announced that it is partnering with the Japanese network operator NTT DoCoMo to conduct research in 5G technologies as part of the MoU the companies entered into in January 2014.

“Nokia and NTT Docomo have agreed to collaborate on research and standardisation of 5G technologies and to work jointly on a 5G proof of concept (PoC) system,” said Nokia Siemens Network in a statement.

The MoU signed by the companies earlier this year had provisions for research in future radio access experimental systems, which has now materialized.

According to the company’s statement, the companies would initially focus on researching on the potential of the millimeter wave technology at the 70GHz spectrum band.

Hossein Moiin, executive vice president & chief technology officer of NSN said, “Expanding our cooperation with NTT Docomo on 5G radio technology is an important step towards defining future mobile networks”.

Moiin also said 5G technologies will enable connecting machines and objects in addition to connecting people resulting in an overlay of virtual and physical realms with several possibilities and applications.

The company said, 5G networks will require massive capacities to handle the ever increasing need for capacity and performance to face challenges such as cell-edge rates over 100 mpbs and latency reduction for which the joint research would attempt to find solutions.

Seizo Onoe, Chief Technology Officer of NTT DoCoMo said, “We chose Nokia as our partner for the 5G research project based on its clear vision as well as its extensive mobile broadband experience and technology leadership”.
Both these companies have already partnered to research on 3G and LTE technologies for almost 3 years.


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