Nintendo’s Big Loss; Franken Fights for Net Neutrality; Huawei Ascend P7

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Wii U

Topping tech headlines Wednesday, Nintendo posted its third consecutive operating loss, reporting a ¥46.4 billion ($457 million) drop in the last fiscal year.

The game maker places a hefty amount of blame on its Wii U console, which amassed global hardware and software sales of only 2.72 million and 18.86 million units, respectively. Nintendo will not give up on the console, though, promising to “focus on efforts that seek to stimulate the platform” via new software and game titles.

Meanwhile, Sen. Al Franken urged supporters to “rise up” and fight the FCC’s proposed net neutrality rules before they change the Internet. The Minnesota Democrat’s message comes a week before the FCC’s monthly meeting, which is scheduled to include a vote on Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposed plan.

In other news, Huawei unveiled its latest smartphone—one of the slimmest 4G LTE devices on the market. The Ascend P7 stands at 5 inches, with a 6.5mm body, as well as a host of photo functions. It also includes dual antennas for better reception and “smart network switching technology” to avoid battery drain, all for €449. There is no word on a future U.S. release.

Be sure to check out PCMag Live from Wednesday in the video, as well as a few other stories making headlines in the links below.


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