Rita Ora’s “I Will Never Let You Down” Gets A Bubbly Digital Dog Remix: Listen

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Rita Ora Topless
Rita Ora is the latest pop diva to strip for Terry Richardson. Read More »

Rita Ora gets it very right on new single “I Will Never Let You Down”. Produced by boyfriend Calvin Harris, the sugary synth-pop anthem is the musical equivalent of a happy pill. One listen and you’re instantly in a much better mood. My only complaint is the tempo of the verses. The song feels like it’s stuck in second gear before taking full flight in the chorus.

That situation has been remedied by a bunch of generally good remixes from R3habDJ Escape & Tony Coluccio and Digital Dog. The latter, a Spotify exclusive, is probably the most accessible. The ever-reliable electro-house duo leave the song pretty much alone. They just bump up the BPM and let Calvin’s shimmery ’80s synths do the rest. Listen after the jump.

Do you like the Digital Dog remix? Let us know in the comments below.

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