Happy New Month & Happy Workers’ Day

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You’re going to get knocked down more times than you care for. People will tell you that you can’t succeed, that you can’t do it. They will say you’re not good enough, not strong enough, that you don’t have what it takes. They will laugh at you, make fun of you, talk behind your back. Your seeming failure will make them feel good. They want you down so that they can keep stepping on you. As far as they are concerned, your life is not going anywhere. But you have to understand one thing, they are not your God. They don’t know you like that. They don’t know what drives you, what motivates you, what shines inside of you. They don’t know your strength, your will or your power.

They forget that you are one thing and one thing only. You are a divine being, specially created. You are a deity in jeans and t-shirt. You are magnificent, you are brilliant and there’s absolutely nothing you can’t do if you set your mind to it. They can’t tell you what you can or can’t do, what you can or can’t be! You have a strength inside of you that even you are not aware of. You are stronger than you think, braver than you believe. There’s a god in you. Whenever you are in doubt, look inside of you, there’s a source of strength deep inside that will always spring up when you look. Go out and achieve, not because you want to shut people up but because your dreams are worth it. You are worth it!

Happy New Month people..and Happy Workers Day!


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