Kim and Kanye Vogue cover outselling all others: report

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Controversial issue sells almost 500,000 news stand copies
No truth to the rumour that Kris Jenner bought up all the copies.


No truth to the rumour that Kris Jenner bought up all the copies.


So that’s why all the Kardashians have been looking to tired and wrung-out lately. Makes sense. They’ve been working night and day, driving around to magazine vendors, buying up every copy of the Vogue cover featuring Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. It’s going to be one amazing bonfire season.

According to unofficial reports (because Anna Wintour doesn’t share anything as mundane as numbers) the issue will sell some 500,000 copies. Radar writes that the numbers will eclipse those of “previous top-selling issues” featuring Beyonce and Michelle Obama. Beyonce’s cover sold more than 350,000 copies and Michelle Obama’s sold close to 300,000. The Daily Mail estimates that with subscriptions, total sales could reach 1.2 million.

When the issue was announced there was a great deal of anger from people who got super-upset that some sort of standard had been violated because a reality star got to wear a dress on the cover of a magazine that concerns itself with dresses and un-reality. It was as if the scandalized readers had lost their favourite toy.

With sales numbers like these, those readers should probably prepare to be outraged again.


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