P-SQUARE: Use Your Head Not Your Heart!

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 The difference between using your head and not your heart when it comes to decision making sometimes, is that there are times when your heart feels something different from the reality that even when you know something is wrong, your heart still wants that things. This could be sometimes applied to choice on who to marry and not to marry, whether to say yes or no to a guy and business proposals. So, we sometimes get into the wrong relationships, marriages and businesses because we sometimes fail to think rather, we just follow our hearts and how good something feels even at the sight of some weird sings. 


But when you use your head, you put aside your emotions and think about the advantages and disadvantages. You don’t ignore the signs. There and then, what happens at the long run of our decisions, the aftermath comes to mind.


When this issue of P-Square having problems first came up, we were thrown off balance. And that’s because we never saw it coming. These guys are blood brothers, not friends or relations so, we never thought it could happen. What on earth could have caused the brouhaha among them to the extent that they physically  fight themselves, Peter moving out of the house and now, a lawyer is involved and they’re about sharing their properties?

 This we know MAY not have been possible if their mother was alive but since she’s gone, who’s going to broker peace between the warring brothers? Their wives of course. Their wives? Didn’t we just hear that these women are part of the main reason for the fight? There’s definitely trouble in the air if women turns out to be reason why these brothers are fighting one another.


We heard non of the families liked Peter’s wife, Lola and that’s why he couldn’t marry her when their mother was alive. Why hate the Lola/ Is it because she’s Yoruba or are there other reasons why the family doesn’t like her? So what do we expect Peter to do when his whole family hates the very one person he loves so much! Are they going to chose who to marry for him? Peter is a grown man peeps and he and Lola have been dating for years so they definitely love each other. Or is it because she’s an older woman than Peter? Who cares? Peter himself doesn’t care. He loves her and that settles it! Besides, if they didn’t come clear about the age difference, would anyone have been able to tell that Lola is older? She’s got the face of a sweet sixteen and Peter loves her like that. 


Again, we heard that Peter complained about being sidelined in the group and that people now wee him as the dancer in the group. Who cares? I bet that notion only exists in his head because we never thought of just him being  the dancer in the group. We watch their videos and both him and his brother, Paul do the dancing so who is putting the idea into his head? Okay let’s not assume that he better at inventing good dance steps, his brother, Paul is better at voice delivery and Jude is better at directing and production, who cares? It’s a group and everyone has what he contributes to make P-Square what it is today. So, why get angry now at what has been operating in the group for the past 10 years now? Or is it because they now have too much money and there are of course wives and children to care for?


If they want to share their properties, it’s okay. Why did we say it’s okay? That’s because the two brothers are now married with kids and will have to cater for them differently. So it’s better to share their wealth so that each person doesn’t have to consult the other before taking up responsibilities which may make them look like ‘not man enough’ in the eyes of their wives. But, they should put aside some percentage of money to run the group’s productions, outings and other group related issues. 


If they also want to start living apart, it’s good since they are both married and each family may want to have its privacy to stop the others from poking their noses into their affairs. 


So why did we say P-Square should use their heads not their hearts? There’s no doubt that if they break up, each of them will not make a thriving career. If anyone will succeed among them, it MAY be the one with the better voice but, everyone loves them together than separated. This means there will be no P-Square again and this will be VERY PAINFUL. No show organizers MAY be interested in inviting each of them apart for shows anymore. This mean the end of their career in the long run. But since they’ve made much money, maybe they would just have to do other businesses in the end. 


It is wise for them to keep their women and family out of business because guess what? Lola and Anita weren’t there when they started the whole thing. So why let them cause katakata among you?


So P-Square, it’s time to use your head instead of your heart because if you split, what you’ll lose will be more than you’ve ever gained, and this, you may regret for the rest of your lives!


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