Is this the next Land Rover Discovery?

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The Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept. Newspress
The Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept. Newspress

Land Rover has revealed its Discovery Vision Concept SUV, which previews the future family of Discovery vehicles.

The first new model is due to touch down as soon as 2015. The concept car shows off a fresh design language and an array of new features, while also showcasing some impressive technologies from Jaguar Land Rover’s research division.

Land Rover says that the Discovery will transition from a single model to a new family of vehicles that “will redefine the leisure SUV category”.

“We announced at the Geneva Motor Show in March that the Discovery family is set to evolve. And it is apt that in the 25th anniversary year of the original Discovery that we preview how this evolution will take us forward into a daring new era. The Discovery Vision Concept gives us the first stunning glimpse into this hugely exciting future,” said Phil Popham, Group Marketing Director, Jaguar Land Rover.

The concept’s cabin appears to be both spacious and versatile, highlighted by the highly reconfigurable seating layout. By folding the seats flat or sliding them forward or back, via the touchscreen menu, the vehicle can be converted from its standard seven-seat layout to a six-seat, five-seat or four-seat “limousine” mode. Detachable, carry-away stroller-style luggage is integrated into the doors.

The Discovery Vision Concept offers a window into the advanced research projects which are underway at Jaguar Land Rover. They illustrate how future Land Rovers could evolve, and the direction of development of technology geared towards the needs of the customers of the future. These include the next-generation Human-Machine Interface; Remote Control Drive; laser headlamps; Transparent Bonnet head-up display system; and Laser Referencing.

Dr Wolfgang Epple, Director of Research and Technology, Jaguar Land Rover, said: “The Discovery Vision Concept demonstrates where Jaguar Land Rover’s pioneering technology and great, modern design could take the SUV in the future. It showcases the innovative approach that continues our leadership of the off-road segment. Smarter, more connected, more desirable and more capable – the Land Rovers of tomorrow will be fully and perfectly integrated into everyday life.”




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