Lupita Nyong’o’s Crazy Candy Carnival Dress: Gotta Have It or Make It Stop?

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Lupita Nyong'o , MTV Movie Awards Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV

We typically start these Gotta Have It/Make It Stop posts from a place of uncertainty. We think we know our call, but the verdict is still somewhat up for debate.

That is not the case when it comes to Lupita Nyong’o in this Chanel dress. We love it. We love everything about it! And we’re totally certain of that fact. The only reason we subject this Academy Award winner’s latest red carpet stunner to the great “win or fail” debate is to help convince any doubters out there that they’re wrong.

VIDEO: Watch another 2014 MTV Movie Awards jaw dropper in action! Nicki Minaj on the red carpet!

We suspect the unsure among you might cite all that color as overkill. You might claim that the Kenyan beauty looks like she belongs on a Cirque du Soleil set. Fair point, but we say the Crayola box creation is OTT in only the best way, and also, what’s wrong with looking as magical as the world’s most famous performance art?

Maybe you’re thinking the high-necked cut is less flattering than some of the newly minted fashion icon’s earlier outfits? We get it, but the vintage feel is masterfully juxtaposed against all those kid-like shades. Plus, Lupita’s body looks just as perfect as ever. The black scribble pattern? Genius. The robin’s egg blue shoes? Perfection. Bright eye shadow? An expert choice.

We’d go on, but you probably get the picture: we have a counter point to every critique of this red carpet risk. So haters, are you finally on board or should we continue?

Tune-in to the Fashion Police: MTV Movie Awards Special tonight at 9/8c on E!


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