Justin Bieber Fined $11,500 For Missing Photographer Attack Deposition?

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Justin Bieber has been in a lot of legal trouble this year and despite the singer behaving more over the past month or so, it has now been reported that he has been ordered to pay $11,500 for missing a deposition back in January because he was allegedly too busy partying back in Miami.

Biebs was reportedly due to attend the deposition in Los Angeles on January 23 over an alleged attack on photographer Jeffrey Binion two years ago.

The day before the deposition, the pap’s attorney Mark DiCowden was reportedly told that Justin wouldn’t be attending, with Radar Online insisting that the Baby superstar instead chose to party in Miami instead of giving evidence.

Justin is said to have missed his deposition back in January, so is now being fined

The report continues to say that Bieber’s attorneys then tried to file an emergency motion to stop the deposition, but it was denied.

“I am disappointed it didn’t go forth as scheduled, but not surprised,” Mark said at the time.

The judge allegedly ordered Biebs to hand over a whopping $7,500 in legal fees, as well as $4,000 for his plane ticket and meals for the four days that he spent in L.A.

Justin Bieber smiles in his mugshot

Justin’s attorney Roy Black told Miami’sGossipExtra.com: “We agreed to pay a reasonable fee for his time because Justin didn’t appear at the deposition. Justin was otherwise detained at the time.”

“Nevertheless the lawsuit is without merit,” he continued. “The plaintiff admits in his deposition that he suffered no injuries beyond the so-called ‘emotional distress.’”

The claims also suggest that Biebs only “stopped partying” when he got arrested for DUI, driving without a licence and resisting arrest.



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