Chris Brown: ‘Being in jail is the worst experience of my life – I won’t f**k up again’

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Good news everybody: Chris Brown might FINALLY have got his [stuff] together since being in jail, because he reckons it’s the worst thing that has ever happened to him.

To recount, domestic abuser and some-time singer Chris Brown, who once beat Rhianna in the face so bad she had to be hospitalised, thinks a few days of sitting in a cell by himself has got him back on the ol’ straight and narrow.

According to TMZ, Chris spoke to a friend on the phone and said he feels like “a caged animal” in solitary confinement, where he’s been since earlier this week after being arrested for breaching the conditions of his bail.

He also called his predicament “the worst experience of my life” – again, to recount, this is the guy who said he and Rihanna will probably always be friends after he put her in hospital with his fists.

As well as moaning about his self-inflicted jail time, Chris is said to have been trying to cheer himself up behind bars by working out a lot and writing music.

He’s also telling friends, “I’ll never f**k up again”. Hmm. Given that he was specifically told to remain a certain distance away from all women while in rehab, and that he was thrown out of the treatment centre for making comments about knives and guns, we’ll take that statement with a cellar of salt.


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