Missing Malaysian plane flew 5 more hours after its communication system shut down?

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U.S investigators believe that the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 communication system were shut off manually and that the plane flew for at least 5 more hours after it dropped off the radar based on analysis of signals sent by the jet’s satellite communication link.

 U.S counterterrorism officials are pursuing the possibility that a pilot or someone else on board the plane may have diverted it toward an undisclosed location after intentionally turning off the jetliner’s transponders to avoid radar detection, according to one person tracking the probe.

Three separate tracking devices shut down during the flight, 14 minutes apart, and continued to fly after the last known contact, which means the plane was intentionally diverted. But by who? The pilots or it was hijacked and diverted? If this theory is to be believed, then it means the plane landed somewhere and everyone is safe and alive? Very unlikely!

Malaysian authorities said yesterday that they have several “pings” from the plane’s data system, transmitted to satellites in the five hours after the plane’s last communication, suggesting the plane flew to the Indian Ocean, which is in the opposite direction of the plane’s original route. U.S govt have now sent a search party to the Indian Ocean


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