Skype vs Viber vs WhatsApp – Download Your Favorite Mobile Messaging App for Free

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People may be getting lazier by the day but their fingers are definitely overworked typing out messages to near and dear ones through a wide variety of free messaging Apps available on the mobile phones today.

Gone are the days when the decision regarding the mobile plan was based on the free SMSs it offered. Most people do not even remember the last time they sent an SMS to someone. Clearly, these free messaging Apps have changed the way we exchange brief messages through our network while we are on the move.

The most popular mobile messaging Apps include Skype, WhatsApp and Viber. If the wide variety has managed to confuse you, here are some points to think about before you decide which mobile messaging App to patronize.

WhatsApp for Beginners

You are likely to use the mobile messaging App that the majority of your network uses. Since WhatsApp has been on most mobile phones for the longest time, this simple App is an easy choice. If you are new to the world of Mobile Messaging Apps, you can choose to start with WhatsApp on your mobile. A quick download and instant synchronization with your mobile contacts makes it a simple and easy to understand App for beginners.

The inconvenience that WhatsApp users face is that this service is not available across platforms. With Facebook acquiring WhatsApp, this may change soon. This service is free in its first year of use. There is a small charge of $0.99 second year onwards. This may, however, be a deterrent for those who are committed not to pay a single dime for mobile messaging.

Graduate to Skype

Skype has been popular for its video calling option. It also offers a completely free personalized chatting environment. For those who enjoy exchanging colorful animated emoticons, Skype may provide a more expressive platform to chat on. It also allows you to synchronize your Facebook friends to your Skype contact list. Skype provides cross platform support. Hence, you can log in from any device, continue your chats, and even make calls.

Master the Viber App

Viber, just like Skype has been more popular for its video calling option. It also offers a free chatting option to its users. Though the App is relatively new, its popularity is soaring due to its stickers and cheaper calling rates in comparison to Skype.

Stickers are animated emoticons that also talk. Some of these are free while some are paid. Since Viber is also linked to the mobile number like WhatsApp, it provides a more authentic and transparent medium of communication over Skype. Viber is also offering cross platform support. You can also access your Viber account from your desktop.

Feast on the variety of messaging Apps available to you on a platter. Choose the one that suits you the best. Since all these Apps are free, you can download all and use the one where bulk of your current network resides. In the war zone of free messaging options, may the best mobile messaging App win!

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