Dear DEGD reader: I don’t enjoy sex…what can I do?

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From a female DEGD reader

I am in my mid twenties and will be settling down soon. My problem is that I do not “enjoy sex”. I do not feel any sexual pleasure when my guy penetrates. To me it feels like he is playing and wasting his time. But when he romances me I feel it and can even climax. All my life I have never felt any sensation during penetration. When I hear people talk about their experiences during sex and how they can go for many rounds I feel bad because I don’t experience such. I have seen a gynaecologist and he said I am ok. But am worried because I might not be able to satisfy my spouse because when ever he notices that I am not enjoying the love making it turns him off. Please Is there any where I can get help from, are there other girls like me? I really want to experience what sexual pleasure is like and also save my future marriage. Thanks.


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