6 Things You Need to Know Today

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A roundup of the day’s news that can help you and your business succeed.


1. IPO Update

The IPO market is red hot this year, with double the number of public offerings–42 to be exact–in the first two months of 2014 compared to the same period last year. But don’t the news get you down if you’re not listing anytime soon: three-quarters of this year’s debutantes are unprofitable.–Wall Street Journal

2. Gotham Fundraising

With more than $200 million raised in the past two days, New York City is on track for its second-best fundraising quarter since 2009, according to TechCrunch’s estimation. It’s not just media and adtech companies raising money, suggesting that NY could clobber Boston and eventually take on the Valley. Is this a sign that location matters less — or more — than ever?–TechCrunch

3. Screen Time

More than half of people who own multiple computing devices say that they sometimes start an activity–like reading, shopping, or having a conversation–on one device and finish on another, usually one with a larger screen. The design reminder here is to meet your customers wherever their eyes want to go.–Mashable

4. MBAs to the Rescue?

Business help might be on the way–in an unlikely form. As its name suggests, MBAs Across America is sending MBA students all over the country offering free help to small businesses.–New York Times

5. Google Wants to Help You, Too

Google announced a new track in its apps partner program that could be a good opportunity for technology companies. If you build apps and tools that integrate with the Google Apps Services APIs and you’re selected, you’ll get tech, marketing, and sales support from Google.–TechCrunch

6. Speed Apping

Winning the award for most ill-advised startup name this week is Spritz, an app that promises to help its users read 1,000 words a minute thanks to a speed-reading method called Rapid Visual Presentation. Early tech reviews are making productivity-hungry consumers salivate all over social media.–GizMg


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