Tanzania: Passion Is Key to Success

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IT was a relaxed evening as Osse Greca Sinare, an energetic young professional photographer and Kemi Kalikawe, an interior designer who doubles as a fashion designer, casually answered questions during the Ndovu Under the Spotlight evening held recently in Dar es Salaam.

Admits giggles and jokes, the duo explained to a crowd of young people present what it took each of them to change their hobbies into money making ventures.

Donning a hat, laid back Sinare revealed that he got interested in photography while at the university where he was studying business administration.

Passionate about his new hobby when he graduated, he decided to be self-employed by doing what he loves most — photography and applying graphic art to give life and dimension to his photos.

He said he is a self-taught professional photographer and being a perfectionist he is always learning more about his craft by attending workshops or reading widely over the internet.

Kalikawe said from the time she was young she remembers making clothes for her dolls and fooling around with the sewing machine at home. Although she studied interior design, she strongly felt that she could also handle fashion designing.

She adds that mistakes made should not be forgotten as they provide lessons on how not to do something or how to do it better. Sharing their unique experiences they frankly told the audience that first and foremost one had to have a passion for whatever they choose to do in life.

Money has to come second as it is not always a guarantee that it will always flow in. The Ndovu Under the Spotlight programme is an initiative introduced by the Ndovu brand to inspire young people to do more or do better.

The programme aims at inspiring young Tanzanians by providing a platform to share their stories. The first step was a Facebook initiative that has grown to reach 45,500 people.


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