Nokia ventures into Android market

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A few days back, Nokia launched its “cheap” Android based X-series starting at euro 89 (about Rs 7,600). The X-series is said to be meant for markets like India, which have a growing demand for cheaper smartphones.

It is for the first time that Nokia has come out with a phone which has Android-based applications. This is a move by the company in order to get a pie of the Android phone market and comes just days ahead of the scheduled takeover by Microsoft.

Nokia’s X range of smartphones features Android OS v4.1.2 (Jellybean), Microsoft services and signature Nokia experiences like Here maps. The X model will be available immediately for euro 89 excluding taxes. The other two models – X+ and XL – will be available in early second quarter for euro 99 and euro 109 respectively, reports PTI. Nokia X comes with a 4 inch screen and 3MP camera whereas XL has a 5 inch screen and 5 MP camera.

But there are a few things that might go against Nokia’s venture into the Android market. Nokia is offering 512MB for the Nokia X and 768MB for the X+ and the XL, when there are several smartphones available for a similar price but with 1GB Ram. Nokia X and the X+ do not have secondary cameras and has a 3.15MP primary camera (a wrong move by Nokia, given that today there is a lot of importance laid on the phone camera).

One more thing that goes against Nokia is the fact that its X-series phones are not actually pure android phones in the sense that they do not come prebundled with the Google applications such as Gmail, Google Maps etc and instead have been replaced by Microsoft Exchange and Here Now. The phones are also not likely to be supported by Google Play store as Nokia is said to be creating its own store of applications for its android phones, according to ceratin media reports.


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