Rihanna: The Real Reason She’s ‘Crazy About’ Drake

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ImageRihanna and Drake have been spending every second together while they’ve been in Paris and HollywoodLife.com has learned that Rihanna’s feeling for the artist are incredibly deep.

Rihanna is head-over-heels for the “Started From The Bottom” singer. Not only have they gone on a romantic Paris dinner date, allegedly slept in his hotel room but they took the stage at Drake‘s concert on Feb. 25 and showed the world their chemistry. HollywoodLife.com spoke to an insider close to the stars who told us that Drake is an “aphrodisiac” for Rihanna.


Rihanna — ‘Crazy’ About Drake

All of the signs point to yes for these young stars. Rihanna, 26, and Drake, 27, have spent several romantic days together in the city of love, and now we’ve learned why Rihanna keeps coming back for more!

It’s pretty obvious that she’s crazy about him. His swag alone is aphrodisiac for her. He’s perfect, really. He’s a man and handles all his business and then some like a man. She sees him as someone who she can talk to, who she can trust, who she can learn from and someone that she knows she can count on. They have mutual feelings for one another. All the signs are there for them to really be dynamic together but neither of them want that.




Do you think they make a cute couple?

We love them together, we just wish they’d make themselves an official couple!

Drake & Rihanna Cozy Up During Romantic Paris Date Night

Their first Paris stop was at L’Avenue, where they had an intimate dinner date on Feb. 23, then they hit up Paris hotspot Soixante Dix Neuf.

“Rihanna and Drake really have this chemistry and vibe with one another and that’s something that can’t explained,” a source told us. “They like each other a lot, and when they’re together, they’re both kind of infatuated with each other.”

Then the ultimate moment happened when they performed their hit “Take Care” and grinding all over each other. A top body language expert told us that they have “genuine” chemistry and make the perfect couple!


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