Michael Jackson comes back (sorta) for Sony launch

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We have to confess; we’re still not over the fact that Michael Jackson is dead. Sure, it happened nearly five years ago, but everybody at ZAlebs HQ was such a big fan of the King of Pop that we are still struggling to come to terms with the fact that he will never record new material again. However, you can imagine our delight when “new” or “unreleased” or “never-before-heard”  songs of MJ’s are released to the public. We live for those days, and thankfully today is one of those. 

Michael Jackson’s unreleased track, Slave 2 Rhythm has made an appearance in the launch of Sony’s new smart phone, the Xperia Z2 (Which looks a beaut, but we can discuss gadgets another time!) and we have to say, we got a little teary eyed hearing Michael’s voice again. 

The commercial for the launch of the new smartphone was aired at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress this week, and many of the spectators’ attentions will probably have been on the fancy phone- but true music lovers will have been drawn by the fact that Michael continues to live in our hearts through his music. 

Our only disappointment was that the commercial included a 90 second excerpt of the song; we’d have loved the full thing. You can listen to it below, and if you’re still struggling to get over MJ’s death, we have various Michael Jackson support groups around the country. Snacks and tea are provided.


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