Apple, Google rejecting gaming apps with ‘Flappy’ in title

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Following the removal of Flappy Bird app from online stores by its creator Dong Nguyen, Apple and Google are having a rough time turning down gamers, mimicking the popular game by adding “Flappy” to their creations.

The App Store’s top charts are overflowing with clones of this year’s viral hit “Flappy Bird” which was taken down by Nguyen after he had trouble handling the sudden fame.

According to Tech Crunch, Apple rejected an app called “Flappy Dragon” created by a Vancouver-based game designer Ken Carpenter of Mind Juice Media, saying that his app attempted to leverage a popular app and was in violation of the App Store Review Guidelines.

Apple cited reason for rejecting the app and said that as per the guidelines, apps that contain false or misleading representations will be rejected.


One thought on “Apple, Google rejecting gaming apps with ‘Flappy’ in title

    James Frost said:
    February 17, 2014 at 19:29

    Why he removed this game?I heard from one of my friends saying that he got legal notices from nintendo for some elements used in his game similar to Super Mario.Flappy birds clone won’t be able to do the same as it did and I am happy that Google and apple decided to remove this copies from their app stores.

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