T.I reprimands his wife for posting booty pics online, Tiny replies him

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Biko what did we do with our lives before the birth of social media? Lol. The drama online is incredible! People stirring up drama everyday, even husband and wife? So T.I couldn’t call his wife, text her or talk to her face to face, he had to call her out on instagram? And Tiny couldn’t pick up a phone to talk to her man, she had to reply him online? Lol.

Ever since rumors started about T.I. and Tiny having marital problems, Tiny has been sharing a lot of photos showing off her ASSets on Instagram. On Sunday night, T.I got fed up and turned up in the comment section to reprimand his wife, telling her she has more to offer than just her azz.

A day later Tiny replied her husband. See their comments after the cut…

Tiny posted the pic above on her instagram page and T.I dropped the comment below…

The following day Tiny replied…

Below are some of the photos Tiny posted that irritated T.I


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