Lulu back to court after year-long bail

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After enjoying almost year-long bail, Elizabeth Michael or popularly known as Lulu is expected to appear before the High Court of Tanzania in Dar es Salaam to answer charges in connection with the death of domestic film star Steven Kanumba who died in 2012.

Lulu who now is charged with an alleged manslaughter in criminal session case number 125/2012 will get the opportunity for the first time since Kisutu Court does not have the jurisdiction to hear cases of this magnitude which are normally heard at High Court.

Judge Rose Temba of the High Court in Dar es Salaam zone is setting to hear the case and then the court will set another date to read the preliminary hearing to the accused.

Lulu was released on bail by the High Court of Tanzania after protracted application that took months to be processed.

Deputy Registrar Francis Kabwe of the said court, granted bail to Lulu last year after she met bail conditions which were settled by Judge Zainab Mruke.

During his release Lulu thanked her sureties and all other people who supported her during the case which is yet to be finished.

She met the bail conditions submitting all relevant documents needed by the court as well as two sureties working with the Government who had signed up a 20m/- bond of each.

The two sureties who helped Lulu meet bail conditions were Florien Mtafungwa who working at the Ministry of Land and Verus Mboneko of Ministry of Healthy.

Bail conditions barred Lulu not to travel outside of Dare s Salaam throughout the duration of her case and should also report to the police or court as and when required.

Lulu was arrested on April 8, 2012 and held at Oysterbay Police Station in connection with the death Kanumba (28). Kinondoni Regional Police Commander (RPC) Charles Kenyela had earlier alleged that she was held following reports that Kanumba, who is believed to have been a close friend of her collapsed when they were together in the bedroom.

He said that the police were told of Kanumba’s death by a younger brother of the deceased who was staying with him at Sinza Vatican area. The death of the famous actor terribly shocked the public with subsequent highly crowded funeral services of its kind.


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