SHOCKING: DRUNK man flicks POLICE WOMAN using bar towel after mistaking her for a STRIPPER

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Durham: Paul Harbord was enjoying an all day drinking session with his mates when he mistook a policewoman for a stripper as she walked in the pub. The 27-year-old was expecting to ‘have fun’ at an Old Shotton pub in Durham in December. The female police officer had arrived the spot to inspect any ‘rowdy’ behavior in the pub.
As soon as Harbord saw her, he shouted to his mates to look out as a stripper had arrived. Thereafter, he started dancing around her and flicked her using a bar towel. He was arrested for his behavior with the policewoman.
Paul Harbord did not believe that she was a policewoman until she arrived at the police station. Thereafter, he was produced in the court and told how he ‘did a Del Boy’ while drinking with his fellows. Harbord admitted obstructing the lady police officer and was given a six month conditional discharge.

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